A premiere adventure challenge containing 5k of tough terrain, fun obstacles, and more mud than you thought possible.

BG Gauntlet Mud Run

Our original event still takes center stage this year. For ages 12 through adult, we have new obstacles for participants to conquer.

This course has less to do with your fitness level, and more to do with your state of mind.


The Combine is a 125 meter obstacle course designed for competition. It is comprised of 10 obstacles (no mud) that will test your coordination, speed, agility, and strength. We have collaborated with the United States Marines to create a military style course mainly built out of logs.

You will be running, climbing, jumping, crawling, hurdling, and suspended in the air.

Mud Pie

The "Mud Pie" is geared towards kids aged 6-11. Young participants will be runnin', jumpin', crawlin', pullin' and climbin' through a 250 meter obstacle course filled with 7-10 obstacles.

And unlike the adults, children may go through the course as many times as they wish during their allotted time!

Muddy Buddy

Our "Muddy Buddy" course is geared towards our special need folks. Participants will run and crawl through the same 250 meter obstacle course as the "Mud Pie" event.

However, a parental guardian will be able to walk/run the course with their participant.